Friday, February 27, 2009

Husband DEFLATES further

Since you've all been clamoring for an update on MB's weight loss (again, not) in the Biggest Loser competition at his workplace, here goes:

As of today's date (week 7) he has lost 46.5 pounds.

Instead of the usual "facial shot", I've taken the liberty of giving him some new "clothes" so you can see his transformation in this big "reveal."

One of the competitors has already thrown in the towel and MB will collect $100 from him next week. Dude made the big mistake of challenging MB in the first place. If there is one thing people around here know, it's: Never take on MB in a challenge unless you are eager to part with your money. Nuff said.

Today is the LAST DAY to leave a comment to enter my UTZtacular giveaway!!!!


PunkyBean said...

Way to go!!!! That's incredible!

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Just tell me that after his yearly "Biggest Loser" weight loss antics he doesn't go on an UTZ Cheez Ball binge and gain it all back. I'd rather hear that he's become all crunchy granola vegan. Or is he doing this by power lifting?

Lucy said...

Wow, that is great!
How does he do it with the cheesballs tempting him daily?

carma said...

thanks :-)

Blue State-
No power lifting involved, unless you count the hefty fine that will go along with the traffic ticket he got today - double grrrrrrrr

He thinks he is the master of mind control. I'm more concerned with "vehicle control" these days :D

Mark said...

Congrats to the Cap'n on the weight loss. Tell him I have his back on his driving, us guys have to stick together. But I am alarmed by the unusually high amount of cheese residue on his shorts. Maybe his ticket was a result from wiping his hands on his shorts.

carma said...

Your compadre (MB) is in deep doo doo. Was tweeting earlier about all the absurd excuses you guys can come up with to defend what happened on your end. I'll have to add cheeseball dust removal to the list.
I could probably purchase 8 pallets of cheeseballs with the money we will spend on the ticket, which was EASILY preventable.

Suburbia Steph said...

That's awesome!

Mark said...

Why didn't you name this post, "Grrrrrrr the deflating bank account"?

carma said...

Suburbia Steph-
Thanks :-)

You're not kidding. Unfortunately the traffic incident occurred after the blog entry was posted. Quite an apropos title for a potential future post though...quadruple grrrrrrrrr
I'd rather he remained his chubby happy self and that the bank account was still inflated :D

BIBI said...

WTG! Congrats to MB. That is an accomplishment in itself. Too bad for the other guy who lost the bet. I bet now he wish that he stayed in huh?!?

carma said...

Nah- the guy was happy to go back to eating :D There are still several other competitors in with a month to go.

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