Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Further Clarification


You guys are killin' me. Does MB seriously resemble the guy with the pom poms????? and if someone can tell me how to do captions in Blogger, I'll use them in the future to avoid further further clarification :-)


Lucy said...

I'm pretty new at blogging myself and still finding my way. If you are uploading your pictures through the Gadget, Pictures there should be a spot for Title and Caption.
Hope that made sense!
Good Luck!
I have been enjoying your blog, I found you off of the Collective Feed from NaBloPoMO.

carma said...

Thanks for visiting! I have been adding pictures while on the "add a new post screen" by clicking on the icon next to the spell check button (the one that resembles mountains and blue sky) - when I look at the upload image box, I don't see a place to add a caption. Is there another way to load photos that I am not aware of? Any help is appreciated :-) This will help me avoid further confusion in the future such as if I upload a picture of Gene Simmons or Nick Nolte's booking photo and someone mistakes them for my husband :D

Mark said...

Um do you really want me to answer that, especially since we haven't seen a below the head shot. I'm sure he wore the halter with as much pride as the MB doppleganger did ;-) BTW do they make Red Cheeseballs?

carma said...

Do you think that doppleganger may have seen my blog post of MB and the Champion 4? He may have been "ripping off" MB's hairy chest look!! It's all making sense now.
Not come across any Red Cheese balls yet, but I am wondering if they are popular in the Soviet Republic. May need to put the call out and expand my international posse.

Tina said...

I hate to say this Carma, but MB does look quite a bit like the pom pom guy.

carma said...

Looks like it is time for an MB makeover. Too bad "The Swan" has been canceled ;-)

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