Monday, January 5, 2009

You Want Mountains? I'll Give You Mountains

We took a long hike yesterday and came upon this beautiful scene of a train passing through the mountains.

What's that, you say? It looks like a model railroad replica of the Blue Ridge Mountains??

Ok, so I never made it to the mountains to take a hike, but I did spend hours perusing the city of Asheville and checking out all the funky shops. I especially got a kick out of the place that sold irreverent t-shirts with slogans such as "Uncle Sam wants you to join the U.S. Army - travel the world and meet exotic people to shoot" or the shop with a magnet that said, "Jesus Saves but Buddha Recycles." Think about it. [Disclaimer: these slogans do not reflect my political or religious views, but they are pretty darn funny in a warped way..]

There are always lots of buskers around Asheville, which made me wish we had brought Varmint Critter along to astound the crowds with his amazing juggling skills and raise enough money to cover the parking meter and a fancy lunch ;)

The funniest sight was the most effervescent busker I have ever seen: He was playing the fiddle, while dancing wildly and singing songs loudly if not a bit off key. He was dressed like a banker, which may, in fact, have been his 9 to 5 profession. (Hopefully he was not a former Wachovia or BofA employee- although judging by the amount of money in his fiddle case, he may make a better living off fiddling.) As one bystander commented, "If he can do this, he can do anything."

One of these days I hope to be that person, the one who isn't scared of making a fool of themselves in public-- as opposed to on my blog...

Since I promised mountains and did not deliver, we tried to take a photo at the steep scenic overlook along the highway on the way home, but, just my luck, it was socked in with fog!!


Blue State Cowgirl said...

Jeez Carma!

Do I have to do EVERYTHING for you? Okay, here is a link to my pix from my 2007 cross-country trip. This is the collection of pix from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Take and post any you want. You can even super-impose a jar of cheez balls in them.

carma said...

Blue State-
Yeah, I guess maybe you DO :) You are kind to offer your awesome photos; my photoshop skills are so-so, but this will give me a little project to whip up! BTW, check back for some Big News tomorrow. I am so excited, giddy in fact; bet you can guess what it involves...If I keep typing I am liable to "spill the cheese balls" so I better end it he

Mad Asthmatic said...

omg i don't know if i can wait til tomorrow..... spill those cheese balls now

btw have tagged you for a meme - check out my blog.

carma said...

Hi MA-
Must.Wait.Til.Tomorrow. re: Big News. Thanks for the tag. I'll post the meme next week, which will give me plenty of time to come up with 6 things!

Karen said...

I'm on a diet over here and those cheese balls actually look pretty good right now. GIVE THEM TO ME!!!!!

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Hmmm. Big secret. Either it's something that has the initials CW. Or you actually got a load of Albanians reading your posts.

carma said...

they are my prized possession so I cannot let them out of my orange fingered grasp ;)

carma said...

Blue State -
NO calls from CW yet - although I have installed a special "underappreciated hotline" in preparation; I would not say that "load" would be the operative word here...there I go again letting the cheese ball out of the container!

Mark said...

Carma, you had me flamboozled as I thought "Wow a great train photo of Harpers Ferry!" and then the cheesy decptive fog was lifted from my eyes. I'm glad you enjoyed Asheville, it's always been a favorite.

carma said...

Sorry about the flamboozling. I couldn't resist ;)
Hope you made your early am flight!

Mark said...

Yes made it with plenty to spare, although the security line was a zoo. Sitting nice and warm in Illinois but I'd rather be somewhere warmer.....St. Barts would do :-)

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