Saturday, January 3, 2009

Who Uses An Atlas Anymore Anyway???

Why, we do, of course! You may think that we needed to bring this Atlas on our trip to navigate an unchartered course through treacherous terrain, but you would be wrong. We have traveled this journey so many times I could do it with my eyes closed (although that would not be prudent).

MB packed the atlas because a new stretch of highway recently opened 11 miles away (5 mins) from our house. It would have been crazy to leave it at home and risk taking the wrong exit, especially when there are huge signs posted all along the way...With this outdated Atlas, MB left nothing to chance.

*I have sanitized the city so that no crazy blogger stalkers can track me down; which is ironic when you consider people are posting their GPS location tracking on Twitter. I wonder if there is some type of Atlas tracking that I can use on maybe I can post the page and grid number!



Mad Asthmatic said...

Now you see I love my atlas, I never go on a road trip without it. I may know the way but what if I want to go exploring when I am on my trip. Ok so I have sat nav but boy is that woman's voice annoying!
I get a new road map of the UK every year for christmas. It is all new and shiny and ready for me to ponder over when I am lost. Who needs sat nav when you have an atlas.
How are the cheese balls? I am missing my daily updates here.

carma said...

you and my husband are "kindred spirits" when it comes to the atlas..I had better not tell him that you get a brand new sparkly map each year or I'll have to get him another $48 each year;
We are scraping the bottom of the cheese balls since we took them with us; I hope to post some "artistic" cheese ball pics early next week..(thanks for asking)

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Please send your old atlases to us. The Albanian National Library could use some more reading material.

Sincerely yours,

Dumitru Fakericiu
Curator, National Library of Albania

(Pay no attention to the fact that I have contacted you by hacking someone else's Google Account.)

carma said...

"Dumitru" - if you commit to commenting on my site at least once a week you can have all the atlases you need; they will arrive in "as is" condition. BTW, good work on hacking into Blue State's google account. She is my "Eastern Bloc" nemesis. I'm glad to have found an Albanian compadre in the form of you, an esteemed curator no less!

Blue State Cowgirl said...


Your friend,


Mark said...

I'll trade you your overly used Atlas for our just as dog eared version.

Just make sure to clean the orange cheesy fingerprints off of your pages :-)

carma said...

you can have the atlas since we were fortunate to arrive home (quadrant P-2) without having to use it, but I suppose it was a source of comfort to know that it was there, just in case...

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