Monday, January 12, 2009

This Champion Kicks Butt (seriously!)

As you know, we took a little trip over the holidays. We (along with the cheese balls) went to visit my folks at their place in the mountains.

We were eagerly anticipating this trip for weeks due to the new "addition" that we would get to use during our visit, namely don don don donnnnnn "The Champion 4."

My parents ditched the wimpy commode that was installed when they moved in over 5 years ago, with this robust behemoth known as don don don donnnnnn "The Champion 4."

Before I tell you how well it worked, please read some of the American Standard press release:

Strong Silent Champion® 4 Flushing System Sets New Standard in Virtually Clog-Free Performance
".....Champion 4’s wide open, fully-glazed 2 3/8-inch trapway can move almost 70 percent larger mass than a standard two-inch trapway and 40 percent larger mass than the industry’s second best siphonic high-performance toilet."


So if you can imagine the size of the mass your commode can handle, increase it by 70% and you'll see what I'm talkin 'bout. This toilet is unstoppable. Supposedly it can even handle a bucket of golf balls, if you are so inclined. We can confirm that it kicked some serious butt during our visit where we pretty much overate for 5 days straight. MB gave it his best shot and the Champion 4 performed like a true Champion.

Now, I'm off to sit by the phone which I'm sure will be ringing once my parents read this "uncouth" post. toot-a-loo

So while the above post is technically "inappropriate," it is rather wholly appropriate, because I just learned that today is officially Delurker Day! It takes me a while. Had to go to two sites before I realized the significance. So if you are lurking about my site, please leave a comment or two or three!!

BTW if you have not yet cast your vote, there's still time!!



Blue State Cowgirl said...

You've broken some sort of creative mind-block now that you've freed your unfettered imagination. And look where it led you, to toilets. Surely an under utilized topic for poetic prose. Good job.

But bad job on the shameless plugging. Go back to the bloggies and grab the code for the badge. Then your captive audience can vote for you with one click!

carma said...

Blue State-
I am glad you appreciate my commode prose. A toilet of this caliber demands its own post!

Did not realize about the badge- thanks for the tip. I'll add some.
I need to get brave and tinker with my template. This one is so bland.

Mad Asthmatic said...

how remiss of me, I thought i had commented. Must have been blown away by the toilet.......
10th night of sofa sleeping, please can i have some sleep tonight, pretty please

carma said...

I was commenting on your site the same time you were commenting here. Great minds think alike. Sofa sleeping sounds miserable :(

Mark said...

And here I thought MB was bemoaning the fact that his precious cheeseballs were on a slow swirling circular trip to the Southern Hemisphere.

carma said...

With a powerhouse like the Champion- there is nothing slow about it. Those cheese balls would have been a bright orange swirl within nanoseconds!!

Mark said...

And here on Delurking day, you've resorted to potty humor? I wonder what new group you'll attract now? ;-)

carma said...

Mark -
I figured it was coincidentally apropos! I'll let you know if I add a new country to the list and we'll then have our answer :D

Mark said...

I hear the 7th grade boys from the UTZ Memorial Middle School are all over this blog topic. It seems you're rising fast up the Google search terms :-)

Crazy Raincloud said...

I'm delurking!! found your blog via MA. Read some of your posts and thought you very funny and smart :)

carma said...

Yes, the post is just short of quoting "Captain Underpants." Middle Schoolers may indeed start flocking.

Crazy Raincloud-
Thanks for delurking and for your kind words. Much appreciated :)

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