Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gezuar Vitin E Ri

Please allow me to translate. The title of this post reads, "Happy New Year!" in Albanian. Impressed? I would not have had a chance to learn this Albanian phrase, were it not for my Authentic Albanian visitor!

Oh, I've heard the whispers from those of you who do not believe that I had an Authentic Albanian commenter on my blog last week. And I am about to silence the naysayers with this post. If you just so happened to want to know a little more about my Authentic Albanian visitor, read on...

Since Ona was gracious enough to take the time to comment on my site (thank you Ona!), which was especially difficult given the sporadic internet service in Albania, I offered to write a special post about her website.

[I feel badly that his post follows the previous one about the commode, but such is the nature of the CarmaSez blog!]

Ona's website is called programiTV.com. It is currently the only Albanian website that provides a list of television programming for the country's most important TV channels, all in one place and always up-to-date. The site was started two months ago as a side-project of two software developers living in France, one Albanian and one German. (The Albanian was visiting my blog while home for Christmas vacation--- so the visit definitely counts!)

The number of visitors to the site is steadily increasing. Wish I could say the same for CarmaSez ;-) ! The service is free both for its users and the TV channels. Since there are a multitude of country-wide and local television channels in Albania, the site is planning to further enlarge our content, especially with local television programs.

If you are interested in learning more about the origins of programiTV or in doing business with them, please email programitv@gmail.com.

In addition to teaching me the words for Happy New Year, Ona also provided me with some facts about Albania . She tells me:
"- There are 3.2 million people living inside the country and lots of them outside the country, spread all-over the world.
- internet and information technology are recently experiencing a lot of growth in Albania.
- internet connection is not always very stable ;-) .
- cheeseballs are not a really traditional Albanian food ;-) , nevertheless the local cuisine is very rich."

Ona, thank you again for visiting and commenting on my site. It has been a culturally enriching experience. Thanks also for putting up with my cheesy humor :-). I hope that you will stay in touch and I wish you much success with the programiTV website.

photo credit tobiashm



programiTV said...

hey :), thanks a lot!

carma said...

Hi Ona-
...and thanks to you for making my Albanian experience possible :)

Mad Asthmatic said...

hmmm, still sceptical but will accept you have had an authentic albanian commenter. How many cheese balls did you have to use for this???

carma said...

It's as authentic as it gets barring fingerprints and passport ID...and on the cheese balls - nada.

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Wow! Albanian Cultural Immersion. Who said CarmaSez wasn't enriching and intellectually stimulating. On a serious note, Ona is a good sport for putting up with our teasing. I'm going right over to the site and leave a comment. And I would actually like to know more about Albania. Supposed to be a rugged mountainous country.

carma said...

Blue State-
Excellent idea. Ona is very sweet. Please mention you read about the site on the famous internationally known CarmaSez blog!

Blue State Cowgirl said...

Yeeee. Couldn't find the comment section because I didn't know the word in Albanian! Hopefully, she'll drop back here.

carma said...

Blue State-
I don't mess around; when I say authentic, I mean AUTHENTIC. Hence the website is written in Albanian. No worries though, as I have a feeling Ona will be checking back in :)

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