Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chickpea Stewitis

You may have been wondering why I've been a little quieter the past few days. (Either that or relieved!) Well, the explanation is simple: I've had a bad case of Chickpea Stewitis!

I tweeted about my malaise yesterday including this tweet from the morning: "I look like cr$p" Wise tweeterers quickly pointed out that it was not possible for them to observe my appearance so they would never have known...(doh!)

Here's the story: Over a week ago, the Early Show did a cooking segment featuring a well known recipe book author who was there to prepare comfort foods. These weren't your basic "comfort foods" that we all know and love, i.e. mac n' cheese, ice cream, black olives and cheese balls. Unfortunately, she was preparing "wholesome" comfort foods.

The recipe that caught my attention was for Chickpea Stew. As a lover of chickpeas, I made a mental note to pick up the ingredients on my next shopping trip, which I did. I prepared the dish according to the directions, which is not always the way I tend to operate. MB was even impressed, he not being a chickpea lover.

It was so tasty I ate several servings of the stew served over couscous. All was well until sometime during the night on Tuesday, at which time I awoke to horrible pains shooting across my stomach and abdomen. This continued throughout most of the night resulting in a marked lack of sleep. Lack of sleep, coupled with the fact that I was up until 12:45 a.m. doing another pointless twitter contest, with odds so ridiculous it wasn't worth spending ten minutes on let alone 2 hours, accounted for my hideous appearance the next morning.

I'm a frequent consumer of chickpeas, so I am not completely convinced it was the peas. Could the offending ingredient possibly have been the cumin? I'm not that much of an adventurous eater and I probably only make foods containing cumin about twice a year (no lie) so I am leaning in that direction....

Do any of you have an allergy to cumin??
Here's the worst part of the story. You would think I would've learned my lesson and avoided the leftover chickpea stew on Wednesday. You would think. Unfortunately, I didn't!!! You got it. Not convinced that this wasn't a fluke, I came home from work and seeing the big bowl in the fridge, I heated up some more. And, you guessed it; last night I was in for "Round Two." Here's where I insert my best Napoleon Dynamite impression: Idiot!

p.s. If I have somehow managed to entice you to try this culinary delight, please let me know and I will get you the recipe.

p.p.s. Have you checked out the Bitchin' Wives Club?


Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Dang! Even Napoleon would steer clear of a second helping.... he would've given it to Pedro, for sure. ;)

Sorry you've been down and out.... could it have been that you consumed so many grains at once? I use cumin all the time and I've never heard of an allergy before.

carma said...

You raise a good point- about giving the soup to Pedro (kidding) about the grains; I'm afraid to test the theory because it would mean trying the stew again but without the couscous. Dare I??

Mark said...

I'm not a huge fan of the chickpea, but I'm sure Dicken's Oliver would take cheeseballs over the pea swill. Glad you're feeling better oh and cumin and massive doses of capsacin cure any dish.

carma said...

I take it you do not want me to email the recipe ;-)
Let me know if you change your mind. Oh, and I recommend doubling the cumin.

faryl said...

You poor thing! My mom gets sick from eating chick peas. I think bean-o helps her though :-)

If you can stand to risk a possible repeat episode, it could mean you can continue your love affair with chickpea stew (which sounds delish, by the way!)

carma said...

Hi Faryl-
Thanks for sharing your mom's chickpea experience. I normally have Beano on hand; but have been going "cold turkey" lately. I am going to go back to buying it. This stew was so potent, though, it may have required 20 tablets per serving ;-)

Blue State Cowgirl said...

I'm going for the Bean Effect Theory, especially if you usually rely on Bean-o. Cumin is supposed to be a digestive aid. (Or at least it is in countries where they routinely eat firey hot dishes.)

P.S. Noticed the Kewl Kids are starting to discover your site! Get psyched for Nablopomo and get your website badge.

carma said...

Blue State-
Thanks for weighing in on the chickpea vs. cumin debate...Got my badge up and I'm ready to roll come Sunday!

Eliza said...

Hi there. I just found your entry when I was researching (read: googling) for allergy information.

I have a severe allergy to cumin. I carry an epipen for it, as it interferes with my ability to breathe. In others, it has been known to cause severe stomach problems.

If you do think it may have been the cumin, you should really see an immunologist for allergy testing. I didn't think it was a big deal that I had trouble breathing after eating dishes with cumin in it until the doctor told me how close I had come to dying!!

Also, check out my facebook group for people who are allergic to spices:

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