Monday, January 19, 2009

The Biggest Loser

For the next 6 weeks, the Biggest Loser is going to be me. No. I am not going on a diet. MB is going on a diet. (For those of you new to my blog, that it was his head in the Ace cap on the "Gelt" and telling the toilet to "take that" in the Champion 4 photo) The" hotness" that is the picture above was taken on our honeymoon almost 16 years ago. You may have noticed some subtle changes....

Here's why I am going to be the Biggest Loser in all this. When MB goes on a diet, like he did this same time last year, he turns into the most unpleasant boob. And that is putting it nicely. His food deprivation sends him spiraling to becoming just short of a martyr. He goes around barking orders, such as "hide those grocery store circulars," "keep the pantry door closed" and "eat those in the other room where I can't see them."

Last year he lost 55 lbs in the Biggest Loser competition at work and, over the year, he regained over 60 pounds. You may say, "Well, it wasn't worth the effort then, was it?" Remember, this was a contest, which he easily won, pocketing the "prize" of $800!

I tried to discourage him from doing the diet again this year, not because there is less money on the table (although that was a consideration!), but because it is basically unhealthy to lose this much weight so quickly. Not to mention he gained an additional 30 pounds in the past two weeks before the initial weigh-in so that he would have more weight to lose! Go figure! Apologies to my male readers, but I doubt that a sensible woman would take this approach...

It was MB's idea to chronicle his weight loss on my blog. Instead of posting more hairy belly pictures of him, which you already saw here, I will document his weight loss through photos of his face. After 16 years, I know that he is not easily deterred (understatement of the decade). So I will just go along for the lumpy, bumpy ride.

The 8 week competition began on January 6, 2008 with him weighing in at 234 lbs. fully clothed :D He is about at the end of week 2 of the competition.

Before Image January 6, 2008.

after Week 1 January 13, 2008

check back - as I'll be posting photos each week and then the final weigh-in!


Mark said...

So he gained 30 in two weeks to get to 234 and then he'll lose another 55 in 6 weeks to win again? I guess I'm sort of confused, but Ok I know that cheeseballs were involved on the gain and that side of the equation is well known but pretell, how does he lose 55-60in 6 weeks? What's going on? Diet, Exercise, Diet+Exercise? Sounds like a Lenten deprivement experiment gone bad.

carma said...

Please don't rack your brains over this one! It is way too complex for us mere mortals to understand. MB seems to think he has it all planned out, but I'm not so sure. The full time frame for the diet is 8 weeks; he is already on week two. And, yes, cheeseballs did play a minor role in the weight gain :D

Mark said...

I'd ahte to see how much he'd put on if he were going for the real big bucks on the show, Yikes!

And if we're mere mortals, that elevates him to Superhero status.

BTW, what's his SuperHero name? Captain Cheeseballs?

carma said...

That may explain the orange cape he's been wearing as of late.

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