Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Victoria's Not So Secret

photo credit ninjapoodles

I have really been getting back into wearing hats. Back in the 80's (yes, I'm dating myself here) I used to love to "rock" funky hats.

Anyway, so MB and I were out at a local shopping center the other day. It was one of those centers with a few upscale shops. I wasn't having much luck finding a hat, so as we strolled by the Victoria's Secret, I said, "Let's peek in here. They have other stuff now so they may have a hat." We were greeted by someone the minute we walked in, which ruined my plan to quietly browse around. She asked if she could help with anything and I said I was "just looking" but MB insisted on asking the tarted up (ok, I didn't need to add that -- meow!) salesgirl if they had any hats. I was too embarrassed to look. After all, who goes into Victoria's Secret in search of a hat??

She told him that they didn't have any hats, but that "all bras are half off." MB grinned and repeated back, "So all bras are half off, that's good to know." I couldn't get out of there fast enough after his double entendre. Remind me to shop ALONE next time..

cheeseball-o-meter: Day 5 consumption Level

...which would explain why I've felt queasy and been so "parched" lately



Eva Lyford said...

I love hats too, but I've never thought to look in VS for one! Have you noticed also how VS is moving downscale, with way more cotton PINK branded items and far less expensive items? Hopefully they will weather the economy situation well by making such changes. Good luck on your hat quest!

carma said...

Thanks Eva-
I noticed that VS was branching out into some non-lingerie items so crazy me I figured I'd give it a try. You are right about the cotton items - much more comfy, too. I ended up getting one of those knit hats with the small brims that my son thinks are cool :) It actually doesn't look half bad!

Mad Asthmatic said...

I am just getting back into hats! don't think I have been to VS or if we have them in the UK.
How is the cheese ball comsumption going? will they be finished before 2009 arrives i wonder.


carma said...

I may have to take a short break in consumption. I think they will be accompanying me into '09. (gah!) Glad you are into hats too! I know that they have rescued me on many a bad hair day and I love the funky vibe...

Mark said...

LOL I'll have to remember that twist of logic the next time I go "hat" shopping for my wife.

Then again would that be like her going to the Bar to buy me underwear?

carma said...

You have my brain working in overdrive with all those analogies-- I was hoping to think of a witty one involving my husband and the hardware store but had to give up :(

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