Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unexpected Idiots

I was stunned to read about some of the rude and hateful comments on one of my favorite blogs yesterday. Joy Unexpected is just that: a joy to read. Y's blog was one of the first blogs I discovered and I was immediately hooked. She writes in such a raw, revealing style that an "emotionally stunted" person like myself (self-diagnosis here) could only dream of achieving.

About a week ago, she wrote a touching post about a conversation she had with her young daughter about the death of her grandpa. It ended with a funny quip and was "stumbled" by a couple of folks, which led to a boatload of views. With that many viewers, the crazies have come out of the woodwork and some have posted derogatory comments that I will not repeat here.

If you have ever had any interactions with Y, you will see that her graciousness shines through in all that she does, down to the "xxoo" at the bottom of her emails :) I am hoping that a few idiots will not break her spirit...With all the other crap that is out there, her inspirational blog is a much-needed breath of fresh air...


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