Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Sad State of Affairs/Man Bras

Lately I have been dwelling on the state of the economy, especially since it now appears we will have to live out our retirement in a shack adjacent to a strip club off I-95...

I am very much in need of some levity to recover from my sour mood. And, I think I just found it, in the way of Man Bras!!! Check out this link:

Who knew it was a "untapped market with huge growth potential" - there I go again with the unintended innuendo. (This is an actual quote from the story.)

But perhaps I shouldn't be ROTFL. The manufacturers will probably be the ones laughing -- all the way to the bank. The one that will be located on the other side of my retirement shack..


Mad Asthmatic said...

I wonder if man bras will take off in the UK! I am not so sure they will - and if they do I bet men won't admit to wearing them.

BTW I will be joining u in that shack if the economy keeps going as it does. A sobering thought at this time of year.

carma said...

Hello again MA,
Thanks for your comment! Let's hope we both get a leg up before we start shack shopping...In the meantime we can be on the lookout for man bras. It will be a good distraction ;)

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