Friday, December 5, 2008

Paging Pearl E. White, DDS

Over the holidays, downtime equals game time at our house. While MB takes it more literally to mean "watching football" time, we manage to work plenty of games into our evenings, as opposed to the middle of the night :)

VC's current favorite game is Payday. If you have never played it, the game teaches kids about managing their payday money while making deals to earn more money. Unfortunately, there are plenty of "mail cards," which translates into lots of bills --just like real life- hooray!! You will get a kick out of some of the cards, especially our favorites: a bill from Tick Tock Inc. "We cleaned your clock" and Pearl E. White DDS, "Drilling, filling and billing" and another from Dr. I.M. Blurred get the point.

This year, tired of endless rounds of Uno (another favorite), VC asked for some oversized graph paper and a while later came to us with a new Trivia Game that he created for us to play. Fun was had by all, especially me, since I won the inaugural game!

Lastly, this isn't exactly a "game," but VC is teaching me to bounce juggle and we compete against ourselves to see how many rounds we can get before messing up. We did plenty of bouncing over the Thanksgiving weekend. Curious? Here's one of our bounce juggling collaborations:

For those of you who have already seen this video on my YouTube account, our newest YouTube video features diabolo and juggling (and some awesome editing by VC). You can watch it here

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