Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Game Over

photo credit simon davison

Events of the last two days have convinced me that it is time to reign in my control as unofficial Comptroller of the Computer at our house.

When the computer crashed this weekend, I was on the verge of a breakdown. Seriously? Seriously.

Against my better judgment and after much whining by a male member of the household who is over age 13, I agreed to install a program that I did not want to install. Long story short: The computer crashed.

Having had enough problems installing extraneous crap over the years, I know that all it takes is one program to disturb the delicate balance that enables it to run like a charm (on most days). Everything is (or was) set up just the way I like it. When I got up yesterday morning after a sleepless night, I remembered that I would not take my customary walk down the hall to turn up the heat and boot the PC as soon as I got out of bed. There would be no booting today :(

Not to get all melodramatic, but it was like suffering a loss. Ok, so that is a bit melodramatic, but you get the point. My friend LC told me she read that the computer can be considered an extension of ourselves. So it is no wonder I took it personally.

After calling several repair services only to find out that the minimum charge per hour was $110, I decided to tackle the problem with the windows re-install myself. After 10 hours, I had the computer back to about 95%. The last 5% I will wait for another day. Biggest bummer is that my win-tv program does not work, as I suspected would be the case since it is a very temperamental program. With a name like Hauppauge, it has to be!!

So, here's hoping I "grow a set" and stand up the next time I, as Comptroller of the Computer, am approached to add a new program to the computer. I'm not doing anything without a proper "work order" and retain ultimate "veto" power, because, sure as heck, I'll be the one cleaning up the mess. As always.



Eva Lyford said...

How frustrating. I hope that your computer stays steady for a long time.

carma said...

Thanks Eva! me too :)

Karen said...

Ugh... Is that why your blog design went away?

carma said...

Hi Karen,
No, the blog design was just me changing things around again. I have a bad habit of doing this :)

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