Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ja-Ja-Ja Jaded....

photo credit aturkus

Something I'm sure all my fellow bloggers notice, is that once you start blogging, you see thing a bit, shall I say "differently."

I only just found out the other day that "Dooce" (aka Heather B. Armstrong) is expecting. As I am not a frequent visitor to her site, I was reading another blog that mentioned the news. Now, the normal person on hearing this would most likely think, "Oh, that's wonderful. How sweet." (with raised voice)

The "Jaded Blogger" (aka me) thinks: Good for her. Now she'll have blogging material for another 18 years!!!

(alright- after my initial thought, I said to myself, "awww. How sweet."- or did I?- kidding!)*

I will not be expecting again. ever. So if I ever start running low on subject matter, maybe I'll have to take up some new hobbies to fill the blogging void or become more green and frugal (if that is possible), as those seems to be the topics du jour. Any ideas?

On a non-jaded note, I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season. I've made lots of awesome new friends through blogging and I appreciate each and every one of you :) (especially the Brits!)

*all kidding aside, check out her blog for some nice non-tattooed pregnancy pics...


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