Thursday, December 4, 2008

(Im)Proper Book Etiquette

Attention 9 blog readers ;) I could use your opinion on this one:

Suppose there was someone who is not a blog reader, who frequently gives you books to read assuming that it is a book you will enjoy. Suppose said person followed up frequently on your impressions of the book. Suppose that the past few books are non-fiction set in the Middle East (not that there is anything wrong with the Middle East).

This is the position I find myself in. The current book is over 350 pages, in a tiny font. It is a critically acclaimed book that whenever a customer sees me "reading" it, they exclaim, "Oh, that book is wonderful!" I started reading the book in earnest, but quickly realized it was not my "cup of tea" [This is a hint as to the book title. See if you can guess it.]

I proceeded to read only every other page. The next day I decided to skip ahead 20 pages and then would read a page and skip ahead another 20 pages. Today I finally skipped all the way to the last 3 pages. Realizing I might be "quizzed" about some of the content, I spent a few minutes randomly selecting pages throughout the book.

How would you handle this situation if it were you? I had already hinted to her that it could only be read in short spurts (she told me it gets better..), but had trouble revealing my true feelings on the book...

Oh, and it gets worse, the book lender told me today that she has another book that [I will love] and it is set in Saudia Arabia! Help is needed, FAST..before I'm back to birkas again..



Michelle said...

Personally, I would just be honest and tell her that it's not really your "thing". If you try and pretend that you enjoyed she will just keep giving you more of the same to read. Or maybe you could try giving her copies of books that you DO enjoy reading and see if she gets the hint? Good luck. I know it's a tough situation when you don't want to offend someone.

carma said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your comment and suggestions. Yeah, sometimes I go overboard on not wanting to offend to the point that I make myself miserable. Let's hope it works :)

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