Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Don't Do Frou Frou

photo credit manassas cakery

Back to the contests I spoke about in yesterday's post: I am learning some valuable lessons about myself as I enter these contests. This week, for example, I came across a contest that asked for frugal suggestions for holiday gift giving, decorating, refreshments, etc.

Figuring I'd have it in the bag (lol) since I live a fairly frugal existence, I happily submitted a couple of suggestions, which were definitely frugal. One even saved big bucks...

Did I win? No. Why? Partly because I quickly knew I was way out of my league -- when participants went all "frou frou" using phrases such as: festive flair, foliage, adorn with a sprig of blah, blah, add shavings of blah and sprinkle with blah.

So while I can do "frugal," I have trouble making my frugal sound all "frou frou." You following?

(BTW: this photo is actually of a "festive" cake topper - which is actually kinda cool!)



Mad Asthmatic said...

the art of winning competitions is in the frou frou - something I have learnt. It drives me mad coz i am sure my entry is far better than anyone elses but i don't do frou frou either.

carma said...

Exactly what I'm talkin' 'bout. Glad you agree!! Maybe we need some lessons in "frou frou" to ensure future success!

Mad Asthmatic said...

hmmm, maybe we shoud set some of these frou frou lessons up - could be a new career!!!!


Rose said...

Contest entering is a serious career. You have to really want it, and when I see the lengths people will go to it scares me off!

carma said...

MA - lol -- I think I may need to get some frou frou qualifications before embarking on teaching it; but that is an idea!

Rose- thanks for visiting and commenting; I see what you mean about making it a "career" - I hope to just keep it fun :)

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