Saturday, December 27, 2008

High on Twitter

I've gotta admit that I'm firmly on the "Twitter Train." I was hesitant to get involved at first, but stuck it out and found that I am lovin' it. I'll admit that it has been a bit of a distraction that has taken me away from focusing on blogging.

The immediacy of Twitter is so alluring, not to mention the ego boost when people actually sign up to follow me! (ok, so this is mostly because I am following them- but let's not split hairs here). Being that I am not on MySpace or Facebook, I've never experienced this type of phenomenon before and, god, it's fun :)

Communicating back and forth with intelligent beings from around the world with the click of a button, learning about lots of new sites, not to mention contests!

My writing style is more predisposed to short spurts than long diatribes. Compared to Twitter, my blog is starting to seem like this static page that rarely sees much activity. (must dust it off occasionally) I've been working it hard, getting out there in forums and commenting on sites, but it remains this tiny spec floating aimlessly in the Blogosphere.

I'm trying to keep all this Twitter stuff in perspective, but dang if it isn't fun :)
boring 'ole blog :(


Mad Asthmatic said...

i love twittering on twitter. It is providing endless amusement. How I survived my 4 day self imposed ban i do not know!!! but I am back.


carma said...

Glad you're back and in action. You went cold turkey and survived. I may be in the same position a few days next week. Will have to "white knuckle" it!

Matt B said...

I find Twitter most addictive. I keep wanting to type @lordmatt me in places where no one will have any idea what I've just said. In fact I'm toying with setting up a twitter account for a cuddly toy!

carma said...

Hi Matt,
thanks for visiting! You should totally go for it with @lordmatt me or your cuddly toy option. I've found that the more obscure the topic the better when it comes to arousing some interest on Twitter..

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