Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Have You Ever...

....wanted something so badly, yet you don't know exactly what IT is? To feel like you are in constant turmoil caught in an endless treadmill cycle going nowhere?

If so, you are not alone.

Stop the commercial!!

photo credit Dano

Join me as I try to figure out where the heck I am headed with this blog and with the nagging voice inside my head.

MB has suggested I make a list of the things I might be interested in so we can narrow down the search. Hopefully this will require more than a mini post-it. My endless quest to be successful at SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

I know this is a common "mom dilemma," having seen countless Oprah shows on the topic. The one saving grace is that I am a darn good mom. I would challenge anyone to find a child more loved and doted on than VC! So I am doing a fine job in the "mom area." It's the big boundless area outside the "mom area" that I want to conquer even if it's only for my own peace of mind. My mind is tired of running in circles. It needs it's own Select Comfort mattress at this point. I wonder what it's Sleep Number will be?

Does any of this gibberish make sense? Anyone relate?

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