Sunday, December 7, 2008

Facebook or Facade??

photo credit Akuppa

So here's my latest dilemma:

This week two former co-workers, who I haven't seen in 11 years, sent me emails the same day asking me to join their friends list on Facebook.

I do not yet belong to Facebook and I doubt I will ever belong, unless you happen to convince me otherwise. I am happy blogging and tweeting and those two activities burn way too much time already.

The thing is, when I received those friend invites out of the blue, I felt that somehow I needed to get in contact to let them know I got their emails. I needed it to be known that I wasn't snubbing them, but I did not have any way to reach them without a Facebook login.

Then I quickly came to my senses. Did they seriously want to be "friends" with me? Or was it all a "facade." Did they want solely to add another "friend" to their list? DUH... I was amazed that they still had my email address. Maybe they could have emailed once over those 11 years....

I am all about cultivating new friendships through blog follows, twitter, etc. The keyword being NEW. Do I really need to re-connect with "old friends," who haven't given me much thought until they opened a Facebook account?

Not that I'm bitter....

P.S. Thanks to my fellow "Bloggers" who have added me to their blogrolls. Much obliged...There is still room for plenty more ;)



Stacey Crew said...

Hmmm...I hear you! Facebook is fun and a great way to stay in touch with family members, rekindle friendships, and/or promote your business. Over the past few years, I've developed "relationships" with people online, and even "found" a long-lost cousin who I still haven't met face-to-face. But I do know who my "real" friends are and who my "Facebook friends" are and keep it all in perspective.

You're right, your "friend" could've sent you an email versus just adding you on Facebook, but who knows, perhaps she's just another overwhelmed mom who wants to connect, but doesn't have the time and has decided to consolidate her communications through Facebook. I guess you won't know unless you join. :-)

carma said...

Hi Stacey,

You bring up some good points. Maybe I need to mull this over some more before writing Facebook off completely...
Thanks for stopping by!


Mad Asthmatic said...

I am on facebook but I am quite choosy about who I add to my friend list. I have been contacted by several people who I have rejected because they were people I knew briefly and would say they were passing acquaintances rather than friends. I have a small friend list compared to a lot of people but everyone who is on it is a real friend. As I am virtually housebound I make use of all the social networking tools to keep in touch with my real friends.

carma said...

MA - yeah, these two individuals definitely fall more into the "acquaintance" category. I am really, really hesitant to sign up for facebook, though...more time out of the day than I should be spending on the computer :)

Eva Lyford said...

One option available is to set up facebook and then use your blog's rss feed and a twitterfeed to update it. Then your new old friends can get notified of your blog posts, your facebook page stays updated, and you don't have to muck further on it. That said, I enjoy facebook and have made many new friends that way. The easiest way to make friends is to be one. Personally, I love the scramble game which is like boggle. And I'd be happy to friend you there, as a new new friend.

carma said...

Thanks. I didn't know about the feed option. I was dreading having to maintain another site- but that sure does sound quick and easy. I may "pick your brain" further on that if I decide to take the plunge!
I appreciate the suggestion.

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