Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Enter Here

photo credit briemarie

Ok, so I admit that I've become a total "contest whore" (in a good way) now that I've discovered the previously unknown world (to me) of internet contests. It started innocently with the "leave a comment on this post" contests and quickly morphed into my becoming involved in the jump through hoops contests, e.g.:

(1) Not a member? Register here
(2) Rename your neighbor's dog
(3) Subscribe to my feed
(4) Join the Foreign Legion
(5) Check out this site and tell me what color you like best
(6) Wear your shirt backwards today
(7) Put this widget on your sidebar
(8) Learn to speak "Bushman"
(9) Follow me on Twitter
(10) Name a star after someone you love
(11) Tweet about this giveaway
(12) Dance without moving your arms
(13) Write a blog entry and link to this post
(14) Drive around the block and then hit "enter"

Ok, Ok, Ok. Beads of sweat roll down my face as I try to carefully complete the complex tasks before the deadline for entries. Because you know that in the end, I will be one of 500 other contest participants who have the chance to will a week's worth of toilet paper, a belt to prevent my jeans from gaping, some organic pencils (I kid you not) or a "silvertone" pedant.

If there's a competition and I find out about it, look out. Move aside. Step AWAY from the Computer!

I was recommending a site to LC where she could promote her giveaway. When we spoke a couple of hours later, she had already checked out the site, and she said, "Oh, I see you've entered to win a messenger bag. Good luck." So I guess the "cat's outta the bag." My nasty habit has been exposed.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got an urgent deadline to meet....


Mad Asthmatic said...

you have been outed!!! I entering competitions but my big love is freebies! I am always looking round for sites that offer trial products for free.

carma said...

Oh no. Now I'm gonna have to check out those sites as well :)

Tara said...

You're so funny! i ♥ it! but i don't think you entered my giveaway...ends today. i do one a week.

i also started a cafe mom group just for giveaways...we just started this week, but hopefully soon it'll be a great place to find giveaways! ♥

carma said...

Tara -
thanks for visiting. I entered your contest and will check back for more. You'll have to beat me with a stick to keep me away from those giveaways!!

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