Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do Like Santa

Overwhelmed with the holiday hubub? Do like Santa and put your medium and large-sized elves to work for you. Now that VC is beyond the Santa believing years *sigh* I realized that he is old enough to assist me with the online Christmas shopping.

Since he wanted more juggling supplies, I asked if he could do some comparison shopping for me on the various online juggling sites we purchase from. He was able to look for the 6 items he wanted and provided me with the best prices he could find. This saved me a lot of time and also helped avoid shopping errors. What if I had purchased the short-bearing diabolo vs. the long-bearing diabolo that he wanted?? (Of course, everyone knows that the long-bearing diabolo is best, so this is just an example.) I would have incurred shipping charges to send the diabolos back.

Large size elves (aka husbands) can also do some leg work for you. If I send MB out with a written list of locations and with all the necessary store cards so that I can earn points for my purchases, I've found that he has become so proficient that he now asks if I have any frequent buyer cards that he needs to take with him before I even have to bring it up.

Some may call this laziness on my part, but I prefer to call it "resourcefulness." Spreading around the work helps to "spread the Joy" since I will inevitably be in a much more congenial mood come the holidays :)

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Mad Asthmatic said...

i need some medium and large elves - any idea where i can acquire some?

sounds like you have yours well trained :)


carma said...

be careful what you wish for. Little and Big Elves can both be very "high maintenance" at other times :)

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