Friday, December 12, 2008

The Carma Show

Resolution time is fast approaching. While I've never been a "resolution person," I can't deny that I could do a better job of getting my act together so that I can shine in '09.

Act I: Scene I: Carma is at the computer wasting time.
My first order of business will be to designate times that I must enter the "internet-free zone" and remove myself from the computer. Lately, I seem to be drawn in by some invisible force as soon as I dread doing something around the house, i.e. cleaning bathrooms, dusting, and pretty much any other mind numbing household chore. I can easily waste an hour just puttering (or mostly tweeting) around.

Act I: Scene II: Carma is still at the computer wasting time.
Second order of business will be to teach VC some better organizational skills. Right now his general vibe is: "Oh, I forgot to do that; Oops. I can't find it." This will definitely pay off down the road in helping to prepare him to be a productive member of society. By helping to get his act together, a secondary benefit will be allowing me more time to spend on the internet (kidding).

On a more serious note, as I enter the "Second Act" of my life, I'd love to present a more confident self-image and start believing that I am worthy of success. This will be the hardest of all, but if I can succeed, I believe the rest of my "acts" will receive a standing ovation, even if it is just from myself :) awwwww....

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Mad Asthmatic said...

my resolution every year is to give up making resolutions. I always failed in the past when I did make them so now i think to heck with it all i just won't make any.
I am pretty organised partly due to my lists. I make a list on a Sunday of all the things I need to do in the coming week and then on the white board I have in the kitchen I put all my appts up so I know what I am doing and when.

carma said...

No wonder you are so efficient with your gift and party planning! You sound superbly organized :)

Daisy said...

I like the stage set-up! I tend to set goals and make resolutions in th efall because I teach in a public school. My "new year" starts in September.

carma said...

Thanks Daisy..Unfortunately, the scenes were quite accurate, i.e. me wasting time :)
Hope the school year is going well for you.

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