Wednesday, December 10, 2008

5 (more) Things About Me

My friend LC has tagged me to do the "Five Things About Me" meme. Since I have already revealed 20 Things About Me, I had to give it some thought. Could I possibly come up with 5 more things?? Heck, yeah:

1. As a senior in high school, I sported a crew cut
2. I have "burned" water before. Coincidentally it was during a lengthy phone conversation with LC
3. I waited in line at Tower Records in NYC in the 80s to get my t-shirt autographed by Paul Young (?who) at Tower Records. I was almost crushed in the stampede that occurred when the doors opened. There's 5 hours of my life I'll never get back :(
4. When I was a child I was obsessed with drawing mushrooms
5. I painted my front door bright red a while back; to quote my soon to be teen: "red doors are beast!"

I have been friends with LC (aka Lori) for almost 7 years. We talk regularly about such important topics as whether the dentist changes the plastic coverings on the handles of the light after each patient.

This picture simply does not do us (or my chest) justice, but those girlfriends shirts Rock!!

I would like to share with you that in addition to having 20/20 vision, LC is an accomplished artist. Seriously talented. You can view her paintings on her Still River Studios blog. I have purchased three of her paintings and consider them to be "mini-masterpieces."

This month she is hosting a giveaway. Anyone who signs up for her newsletter will be entered in a drawing to win a giclee of her stunning painting "Sanctuary."

This is an awesome piece of artwork that I know you will want to have!!! So, visit her studio and sign up for her newsletter now...

I almost forgot, I have to tag 5 people. Here we go:

- The Mad Asthmatic
- Johnny Truant
- Daisy
- Michelle
- Lela



fayza said...

Lady, how the heck do you BURN WATER?!

carma said...

it's simple: Leave it boiling in the pot so long that when you return there is nothing but burn marks on the bottom of the pot and no sign of water!! I guess "burn" would not be the technical term though :)

Lela said...

Hey Carma! This comment is to apologize for being SUCH a complete loser that I didn't know you tagged me. (And admitting that I still don't know how I would know that, but for the fact that I'm dinking around on Technorati today and found this!) So thanks, and please check out my post - later today or maybe tomorrow, wherein I try to come up with 5 witty things about myself! Good luck, right? Better late than never.

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