Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Background Info.

I have a son (”aussie” aka “Varmint Critter” or VC), who is a juggler/diaboloist extraordinaire and a husband aka “MB” - my beloved : ) who fancies himself an amateur astronomer.

You can view my videos at and visit my website
Please check out aussie’s juggling videos at (You will be amazed!!)

20 Facts About Me:
1. I am a product of the 80's where I was a "rink rat"
2. My son (VC) is teaching me to bounce juggle
3. I obsess over minutiae
4. Although I am an Aquarius, I can barely stay afloat
5. I have a husband who plays the piano with 2 fingers (although he has 10)
6. I have lost much of the hearing in my right ear
7. We often refer to ourselves as The Addams family — because we do what we want to do; say what we want to say!
8. I am a city slicker at heart
9. I am "not your average Joe" (according to VC)
10. I am not at all opposed to plastic placemats
11. I am a minimalist
12. I have an odd fascination with all things cheese ball related
13. I am deathly afraid of rollercoasters
14. In many of my baby pictures I resemble Suri Cruise
15. I know lots of useless facts. Just ask.
16. My artwork is more "who did it an ran, than Rembrandt"
17. I have had plenty of creative ideas; none of them lucrative!
18. I am a proud Honda Element owner. Mine’s kiwi green
19. I have mastered frugal living ($17 cell phone bill; $16.01 cable bill)
20. I have been maced!


Mad Asthmatic said...

Welcome back to blogger.
Spooky - I have lost most of the hearing in my right ear too!!!


carma said...

thanks! that's a weird coincidence. The hearing loss makes for some interesting conversations!

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