Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Part Where I Get All Philosophical

This morning I was sitting here pondering the week that was chez "Addams Family."

Lately I have gotten so hung up on my internet goings on, that I have neglected some of those personal connections that are integral to a happy life, at least per the Dalai Lama: "The need for simple human-to-human relationships is becoming increasingly urgent ..."

The week started with me babysitting for a good friend's one year old. If anything will bring you back to Earth, it is spending some time with an inquisitive one year old, who is fascinated with the banging of my off-center washing machine as it spins out a load, who finds joy in carrying around my decorative marble apples (doesn't everybody have those?) and in chasing after VC's multi-colored juggling balls.

On Wednesday, a dear friend stopped by the gallery for a long visit, after hearing me whine (imagine that?) about having to work on Wed, Fri and Sat. while everyone was off having fun. There are not many people I know who would take time out of their busy schedules to spend the afternoon keeping a friend company by sitting and chatting at an art gallery....He is clearly the exception!

On Tuesday my parents arrived for an extended visit. Although we joke about the 48 Hour Rule (where visits lasting over 48 hours usually slowly implode), we all got along "splendidly" (said with British accent). I couldn't wait to give them the book I published (using one of those self-publishing programs) -- about VC and his juggling accomplishments. I was going to wait until Christmas but VC and I were so gaga about our joint project that we gave it to them an hour after FedEx arrived. We are not too good at waiting for surprises. I don't know if any of you have seen the SNL skit where Kristen Wiig's character can't wait to divulge the surprise so she squirms around and blurts things out-- that pretty much describes me and VC.

When not singing along to Bing Crosby's holiday tunes while cooking, MB spent hours working on getting his train set up and running for the holidays. It was quite the production. He fixed his locomotive that was not puffing out steam [get your minds out of the gutter -- lol] And, I am happy to report that the plantation house is now lit!

So, here I am thinking that I was incapable of writing one of those "I Am Thankful For" posts that just about every other blogger has posted, and then I pull this little post out of nowhere...

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.


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jodifur said...

don't do one of those I am thankful for posts either.

Thanks for your comment on jodifur!

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