Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumps, Measels or MRSA?

OK, so I didn't watch the DWTS finale last night. Thinking of 2 hours of fluff was too daunting a task, so I recorded it. Just caught the tail end live. Seemed so anti climatic when Brooke and Derek won. Anyone agree?

I do have a "funny" story from Monday night to share, though. The phone rang at around 6:40 pm. This has become a regular ritual ever since VC's middle school got an automated update system to notify parents of "important" school news. It has gotten to the point where the phone rings regularly, to notify us of such important happenings as the fall book fair, status of the PTA fundraiser (groan) or international night at the school. So, when the phone rang, I suggested VC pick it up, figuring it was the same ole same ole.

He listened intently for a few minutes and then hung up. I asked him what the call was about and he said it was the principal notifying parents that a kid at the school was sick with something.

My ears perked up in alarm. Sick with what???? VC couldn't remember, but he did recall a friend at school saying he knew the infected kid and that the boy was fine. I asked VC what the principal said the name of the illness was. While he was thinking, I was blurting out the names of contagious illnesses, was it TB or whopping cough? VC pondered and said, "It began with an 'M'." Panicked, I inquired, "Was it meningitis???" No, he said that it began with an M but was a shorter word. Measles? No. Shorter. Then I said, "MRSA." Yeah, VC said he thought that was it.

Well, I was kinda sorta relieved, it not being meningitis and all, but I still don't have the full story. The nightly school recording is becoming something out of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." There was finally something important to report, and now I have only bits and pieces of the story..

This is also why there are no 12 year old secretaries or receptionists!

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