Friday, November 21, 2008

...."Back in Two and Two"

The alternate title for this post: "Have you any Wool-ery?"

Hard to believe it, but the only game show I followed (albeit infrequently) was Love Connection, in the late 80's. Sure it was trite and predictable, but it was enjoyable all the same...Add the "eye candy" that was Chuck Woolery (circa 1988) uttering "we'll be back in two and two" didn't hurt either.

The only game-show the family currently "watches" is The Wheel of Fortune TV plug-in game. Priced at a reasonable $17, the controller spins like the actual wheel on TV and makes that familiar click, click sound. We like to concoct kooky contestant names for ourselves which adds to the fun (e.g. "QuietCoffee" -- it's your turn. This is a take off on the last name (not ours) "Loudermilk.") Hey, we are easily amused!

The best part of the game: some of the puzzle phrases are a bit out-dated: Advantage: Parents! For example, I solved tonight's puzzle: Category: "Something Around the House" Answer: Denture Cream. (Now how many 12 year olds know about denture cream?) We'll take all the leverage we can get! VC beats us at just about everything else...

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