Friday, January 16, 2009

The OCD'er Checks on the Fish

photo credit bilbord99

[editor's note: I've had this post prepared for weeks but it just kept getting pre-empted by other more important "goodies." I did not intend to have this many butts almost back-to-back this week.]

Also didn't think I'd have the opportunity to tie together OCD and fish in one post, but then an awesome opportunity presented itself: My son was given the responsibility of feeding our neighbors' fish and turning on/off the light for their iguana once a day while they took a week's vacation. He did this for 5 days and then I had to take over since the final two days he would be visiting with my parents.

Sounds easy, right? Put some food in the fish tank. Turn on the light for the fish (or off depending on the day as these are "special" fish) and then turn on or off the light for the iguana. Lock up and leave.

As I am a self-diagnosed OCD case (mild-ish), when I am given any responsibility, I become uber responsible. So on the days I had to do the above, it looked a little more like this:

Put fish food in the tank. Close the lid. Double check that the lid is closed. Think: Did I close the lid securely? Go to the room to turn the light on for the iguana. Make sure I flipped the correct switch. Go back to confirm that I have put the lid on the fish tank and closed the food. Check again on the iguana to make sure the light is on. Lock the door. Double lock the door. Check the door to see if the handle turns. Check it again. Confirm that I also locked the deadbolt. Jiggle the handle to make sure the door does not open. Walk away. Turn around again to re-confirm that the door is locked for sure. (Return to the house before we leave on our own trip to re-re-confirm the door was in fact locked. )

photo credit quinet

Walk home and think about whether or not I am certain that the door is locked since the top lock was "tricky."

Sometimes I am best just not getting involved in these matters. Much too mentally exhausting. Gimme a cheese ball to calm my nerves...


Mad Asthmatic said...

you sure you locked that door right?


carma said...

It was quintuple checked so I felt reasonably sure; but you know in the back of my mind I was waiting for a call to say they returned home and the door was unlocked!! Such is the insanity of my brain :) Hope you are feeling better..

Mark said...

Wow, I can only imagine you as your leading up to leaving for a trip. Triple check the iron and the stove/oven, triple check the lights. And once you're off, drive back around the block to check that the garage door went down and then back around again to double check.

Like a pilot, you need a laminated checklist, one that you can use a grease pencil as you do your necessary check offs.

carma said...

OMG! Are you sure you don't live around the corner from me?? I HAVE done the "drive around the block to make sure the garage door went down" excursion on just about every other trip. Now I have my husband and son watch the door so when I turn the corner and ask they can say that they saw it go down :D which saves me a drive. I'm off to Staples to get some laminating done..

Mark said...

LOL, well it comes from an intimate knowledge of someone who exhibits some of the same behavior :-)

It's made for an interesting life. Dinner time was always an adventure as was travelling.

carma said...

I bet my son will also have some fun stories to tell when he's older; but for now he seems to think all is normal :) plus he can always rest assured the place is secure! I've decided to embrace my oddities so I'll probably reveal more quirks in the future (yes, there are more!)

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