Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For Those Who Are Curious..

..if cats recognize someone they have not seen in many months, in this case 4 months. Here Pumpkin is with my son who is home from college. Took video of when she first saw him walk in the house, but this is even cuter :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

My New 'Do

A hair stylist straightened my hair the other day and I was blown away!!  Picked up a straightening iron and I am going to do my best to see if I can get it to look even halfway as well as she did! My hair hasn't looked this shiny since I was 5.

Monday, December 1, 2014

It Can Get Very Addicting!

I am speaking about my newest hobby, loom knitting. My bloggy friend Rebecca, understanding that I was unable to knit the regular way, recommended loom knitting to me. She has created a monster!

After a first failed practice session

I was on my way to making a knit hat.

It came out quite nicely.

If someone like me, who is horrible at following patterns, is able to complete a project like this, anyone can do it! I am now working on a scarf to go with my hat. If you have carpal tunnel or other hand issues, it's best not to go all out gangbusters on it.

Added bonus: I find that the repetiveness of it makes for a  good distraction to the daily stresses of life once you get in the zone. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Little Commercial I Had the Opportunity to Be a Part Of

I obviously don't put everything that I am up to on this blog...and sometimes it is due to non-disclosure agreements being involved so you won't be finding out until after the fact....

That was the case with this commercial that I had the pleasure to be involved with on a piping hot day this summer.

A Guiness Record was involved so that made it all the more exciting.

You can see me in the commercial at :09 (sunglasses gray dress)  :22 right side lower right corner back to camera :38 far right next to domino  :47 at the end with hands up to mouth

...and in the behind the scenes video, where I am recognizable at :39 leaning over the table and :55

added bonus: got to get my photo taken with the handsome director when the shoot was completed :-) 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Above and Beyond What Should Be Expected

Currently discussing on Facebook the ridiculousness of this recent ruling

Parents being required to pay for their estranged 21 year old daughter's college tuition? They SHOULD be outraged....

What a bad precedent is being set by the courts. Since when is having your tuition paid for a RIGHT???? Even if the child is well behaved and you on on good terms, it is still not the obligation of the parents. We are more than happy to pay for VC's tuition and he covers all of his other incidental expenses, eating out etc., but then we are close to him and he is a respectful kid.

In this case, I'd be "sorry babe, you are on your own - especially since you are not speaking with us!!!!!!"

I wish the parents well with their appeal of the case, of course by then they will have paid out the same amount in attorney's fees and the daughter will probably have graduated..... What are your thoughts?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dr. Oz - WTH Happened???

Poor 'ole Dr. Oz has been taking a drubbing lately, most recently on Twitter yesterday when he asked for questions under the hashtag #OzsInbox.

This was the question/tweet he proposed: What is your biggest question for me? Reply with and I'll answer my favorites on http://
DoctorOz.com .
He probably was not expecting the responses he received, some questioning him remaining to be a doctor in light of some of his endorsed treatments/products.

Some of the responses were quite clever, such as "I just read that my new detox regimen might be toxic. Can you recommend a detoxification to detoxify my toxins? You can read more about it here.

Here is are just a couple of the ridiculous items that I have purchased on his recommendation:

What have you purchased that the good doctor has endorsed??  How did it work for you?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Uncommonly Good Products: A Review

You know that you have found a fun new addition to your home when you are out and about and your husband calls while he is home mowing the lawn to ask what the new doormat says ;-)

I had the opportunity to partner with Uncommon Goods, a unique company, featuring unusual items, many that are not seen elsewhere . Half of what they sell is made by hand and most of their products are made here in the USA :)

The excitement started building the minute the box arrived....

.,..and out came of of the thickest, plushest door mats I have ever seen, the Guard Cat doormat. Even Pumpkin was impressed!  (the mat reads: I guard this house - in French) Luckily I had the cat inspector on hand:

The mat looks super snazzy at our front door! Seriously, observe the thickness!

The package arrived just in time, as we were readying the house for a pizza party this past weekend. A party which provided the perfect opportunity to test another Uncommon Goods product- a steel pizza cutter..

MB's brothers and their families were both in town so we ended up making 16 12-inch pies (they need to be that size to fit in our outdoor pizza oven). Often when you have a pie loaded with lots of toppings and you try to cut it with a regular pizza cutter - the toppings get pulled off into a big blob as you cut...

This type of steel pizza cutter is specially designed to sidestep that problem. sidenote: I was thrilled to discover that many of the products at Uncommon Goods, such as this one, are made from recycled products, in this case, recycled steel. It was handmade by a blacksmith in Vermont.

we had many perfectly cut pizzas!

From the minute our guests stepped on our welcoming new door mat, to the well-cut pizza dinner, I'd say the party was a big success!

To learn more about Uncommon Goods, click here.

Disclaimer: I received products for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.
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